Pierre Savornan de Brazza and his role in the French colonization of the Congo

سلوى أولطاش


Pier Paul Savorgnan de Brazza was born on January 25, 1852 AD in Rome, into a noble and prestigious family, where he obtained the consent of his parents to go and study in Paris in 1866 AD, to prepare for the competition of the Naval School in Brest and was accepted two years later, And he obtained French citizenship at his request on August 12, 1874 AD, and at the beginning of 1875 he obtained the rank of assistant captain of the ship, which then enabled him to command a state ship, and his project of his desire to explore Africa was accepted, and de Brazza was one of the most explorers most boldness He assured France the possession of a larger colony than France, as he succeeded in concluding treaties with the local leaders in the Congo to accept French control and established near the mouth of the Congo on the right bank a station to serve the purposes of the French in the place called “Brazzaville” and his mission resulted in the year 1883 AD incursion into the Congo And he succeeded in controlling several points on the coast, and at the time of the Second Berlin Conference in 1884, 1885, "De Brazza" had already supported the French control of the right bank of the Congo River, and obtained for France great gains that benefited from it in confirming its influence over the region when the conference was held.


Pierre Savornan de Brazza; Congo; France; Africa; colonialism; Makoko; batik

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