Communism versus Capitalism in John Steinbeck’s In Dubious Battle (1936)

- AZIZ Rabéa


This article analyses the two conflicting ideologies of Capitalism and Communism in John Steinbeck’s In Dubious Battle (1936). Its aim is to study the socio-economic situation in the USA during the decade of the 1930s, known as the period of the Great Depression, to show the impact of the latter on the development of the above mentioned ideologies in this period of economic turmoil. In Dubious Battle describes the farmers’ life during the 1930s and their struggle against the capitalists who deprived them of their basic rights. The events of the novel are based on Steinbeck’s observations while he infiltrated in the strikes fought by the working class known also as the proletariat, and led by communist leaders against the capitalist practices of the employers or the Bourgeoisie. The analysis of the ideological conflict in In Dubious Battle reveals the strategies of the Communist Party, which has taken the cause of the downtrodden working class to displace Capitalism from the political ground.

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