An Experimental Study into the Role of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Enhancing Second Year EFL Students’ Written Production at ChadliBendjedid University El-Tarf

- Bouras Sana- Grine Nadia


This quantitative research aims at investigating the effectiveness of Information Communication Technology (ICT) mainly the computer (word processor) on EFL students’ writing performance. An experimental study was conducted at the Department of English Language, ChadliBendjedid University –EL-Tarf during thefirst semester of the academic year 2019/2020 to measure students’ achievement in writing. The sample of the study consisted of (100) students enrolled in second year of English and were randomly assigned to both experimental and control groups. A writing pretest was given to both groups at the beginning of the study to make sure that the students have the same level and the same test was given as a posttest at the end of the experiment. The findings showed significant difference between the control and the experimental groups in favour of the latter. studies in the study of translation didactics.


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