Mother Language and Language Policy Planning Planification de la langue maternelle et de la politique linguistique

Mohammed El-Farouk Adjeb, Mouloud Ait Aissa


Language is a means of existence, expression and communication, a symbol of individual, social and cultural identity, a code for preserving civilization and the delivery of knowledge, and a basic base upon which to build society in its unity, development, renaissance and leadership. Thinking and striving to preserve the language increased with the end of World War II. Identity, national unity and comprehensive development; which all led to the outbreak of civilized battles taking place on multiple interfaces in order to control the centers of linguistic influence. Language is the mother of references in the construction of the civilized architecture and the building of its cultural edifice. In this research, we work on clarifying the nature of the mother tongue and planning the language policy, and showing successful experiences in this field among civilized peoples who gave all importance to their mother tongue in order to prepare, strengthen, develop and promote it.

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