Les zones d’ombre du phénomène de la définition et l’acte de définir : Le cas de la langue Amazighe (Kabyle)



The idea of the definition of words and/or things has sown through its evolution a certain doubt in the eyes of many specialists, whether in philosophy or in the sciences of language. However, many writings have tried to situate this problem despite the difference in schools to which they relate. Thus, this work will be devoted to the study of the elements that contribute to the construction of the definition resulting from natural languages. The anchoring of the definition and its structure leads us to question the nature of the status of the elements that compose it, in this case: the defined and the defining statement.

The instruments allowing the definition to take root in the discourse of the users or the lexicographer follow a rather singular process in the birth of a defining statement. This nascent definitional discourse is subordinated to the language capital of each other, but in both cases are necessarily subjective.

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