Durability Properties of Self Compacting Concrete containing Fly ash, Lime powder and Metakaolin

Rizwan Ahmad Khan, Atul Sharma


This paper investigates the durability properties of Self-compacting concrete (SCC), with different amounts of fly ash (FA), lime powder (LP) and metakaolin (MK). A total of 6 mixes were prepared that have a constant water-binder ratio (w/b) of 0.41 and superplasticizer dosage of 1% by weight of cement. In addition to compressive strength, the durability properties of SCC mixes were determined by means of Initial surface absorption test (ISAT) and Capillary suction test. The test results indicated that the durability properties of the mixes appeared to be very dependent on the type and amount of the mineral admixture used; the mixes containing MK were found to have considerably higher permeability resistance. Good co-relation between strength and absorption were achieved.


SCC; Durability; SCMs; ISAT

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