Efficient prediction of axial load-bearing capacity of concrete columns reinforced with FRP bars using GBRT model

Xuan-Bang NGUYEN, Trong-Ha NGUYEN, Kieu-Vinh Thi NGUYEN, Thanh-Tung Thi NGUYEN, Duy-Duan NGUYEN


The behavior of concrete columns reinforced with fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) bars is different from conventional reinforced concrete columns due to the mechanical properties of FRP bars. This study develops a novel machine learning (ML) model, namely gradient boosting regression tree (GBRT), for efficiently predicting the axial load-bearing capacity (ALC) of concrete columns reinforced with FRP bars. A data base containing 283 experimental results is collected to develop the ML model. Seven code-based and empirical-based equations are also included in comparison with the developed ML models. Moreover, we also propose a multiple linear regression (MLR)-based formula for calculating the ALC of the FRP-concrete column. The performance results of GBRT model are compared with those of published formulas and the proposed MLR-based formula. Statistical properties including , , and  are calculated to evaluate the accuracy of those predictive models. The comparisons demonstrate that GBRT outperforms other models with very high  values and small . Moreover, the influence of input parameters on the predicted ALC isevaluated. Finally, an efficient graphical user interface tool is developed to simplify the practical design process of FRP-concrete columns.


Concrete column reinforced with FRP bars; Axial load-carrying capacity; Gradient boosting regression tree; Graphical user interface

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