A metal atmosphere corrosion in the industrial zones - Reliability and durability prediction models of steel structures

Ngoc-Long TRAN, Van-Tien PHAN, Trong-Ha NGUYEN


Currently, the steel structure has been popularly used in industrial zones due to cost advantage and fast construction time. However, the industrial zone is an area with complex corrosive agents in the environment such as sulfur dioxides and chlorides. This paper presents a reliability prediction model considering atmosphere corrosion at the industrial zones. The prediction model is a combination of metal atmosphere corrosion (MAC), finite element method (FEM), and Monte Carlo (MC) simulation. Thereafter, that predictive model is applied for reliability and durability assessment of the steel structures due to atmosphere corrosion in the industrial zones until a life-service of 100 years. The result reveals that the safe probability of the steel structure is reduced to approximately 90 and 80% after 50 years and 100 years, respectively. It implies that the time-varying structural degradation at the design step should be considered.


Corrosion; Reliability and durability analysis; Atmosphere corrosion; Monte Carlo simulation; Finite element method (FEM)

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