Random Dense Packing Parameters of Two-Dimensional Spherical Powders for Hot Isostatic Pressing Process Modeling



In this paper, we have used the hot isostatic pressing HIP models previously carried out for the study of the random dense packing densification (RDP) of spherical particles of the same size in order to adapt them to the RDP of two-dimensional spherical particles. A new microscopic approach is thus developed that allows the densification parameters of two-dimensional spherical powder aggregates to be evaluated as a function of the relative density, taking into account the morphological changes of the powder particles and the porosity. The equations obtained for each parameter (coordination number, mean contact area and effective pressure) made it possible to represent the results in the form of curves. These show that our new approach is well adapted to a realistic description of the densification of powder aggregates with particles of more or less similar sizes.



Hot Isostatic Pressing Process Modeling; Random Dense Packing; Effective Pressure; Coordination Number

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