Reinforcement of concrete using Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer



The use of composite materials such as fiber reinforced polymers in strengthening and repairing of structural elements, particularly those made of reinforced concrete, is widely spreading. Among the fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) used for concrete strengthening, GFRP because they are more ductile and cheaper than carbon fibers and can be considered as an alternative solution to repair and strengthen concrete elements. The GFRP enhance significantly the ductility and strength of concrete by forming perfect adhesive bond between the wrapping material and concrete. Present study mainly emphasizes on effectiveness of external GFRP strengthening for concrete beams and columns. Total five circular concrete columns of 320 mm in height and 160 mm in diameter, and 30 concrete rectangular beams with a section of 40 mmx40 mm and 160 mm in length. Two columns were control and the rest three columns were strengthened with three types of GFRP. For beams, fifteen of them was control and the others were strengthened by GFRP with U-shape. All the test specimens were loaded to fail in axial compression and strain for columns, and under three-point bending for beams. The test results clearly demonstrated that compared with the ordinary concrete, the axial load carrying capacity and flexural strength increase for the reinforced concrete no matter the kind of the GFRP used even if it was in different storage condition.


Concrete; GFRP; Reinforcement; Compressive Strength; Flexural Strength

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