Effects of ripening on the mechanical properties of the laminated alloy AlCu3Si2Mg

Ahmed HAKEM, Farid ASMA, Youcef BOUAFIA


Pure aluminium has poor mechanical properties. For this purpose, the objective of this work is to study principally the influence of the incorporation of 3% copper, 2% silicon and less than one percent (1%) magnesium, which represent very important agents for improving the mechanical properties associated with the laminating process. In order to further increase the characteristics of this wrought alloy AlCu3Si2Mg, we have carried out heat treatments in a further step by varying the maturation time in two-hour increments over 24 hours. These different ripenings reveal a finer structure with several precipitates that prevent the movement of the dislocations.  The selection of this alloy was motivated by the large number of mechanical applications in which it is widely used.  The results obtained in this study show that the twelve-hour hardened state M12h is the best compromise between strength and maximum ductility.


Al-Cu-Si-Mg; rolling; curing; Mechanical properties

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