Behavior of monolithic prestressed concrete slab track at highway-railway grade crossings

Tran Anh DUNG, Le Hai HA, Tran The TRUYEN, Nguyen Hong PHONG


Highway-railway grade crossings are an important part of the transportation system. It allows two types of vehicles to operate in the same areas. Researchers have previously studied the grade crossings, but research on the monolithic prestressed concrete slab (PSCS) track at grade crossings for 1,000mm gauge is limited. At present, there are many types of grade crossing structures that are using in Vietnam. However, these structures still have many disadvantages in the operation process. A new structure type of grade crossing for PSCS is proposed to apply for the 1,000 mm gauge to overcome the main disadvantages of existing structural types. This paper presents test production and experimental measurements to analyze the behavior of PSCS. Test samples of monolithic PSCS were produced in factory. Measurement experiments were conducted in the laboratory. The results of the manufacturing and testing process presented in this paper show that this structure completely meets the criteria of stability and durability under the effect of test loads.


Slab track, Monolithic prestressed concrete, Highway-railway grade crossings, 1000mm gauge

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