A hybrid heuristic optimization algorithm PSOGSA coupled with a hybrid objective function using ECOMAC and frequency in damage detection

Thanh BUI-TIEN, Quang Thac NGUYEN, Long Viet HO


Presence of damage leads to variation in modal properties of observed structures. The majority of studies use the changes in natural frequencies for damage detection. The reason is that the frequencies are often easily measurable with high accuracy by using reasonable sensors. However, frequencies are more sensitive to environmental effects, such as temperature, in comparison with mode shapes. Besides, defects in symmetric structures can cause the same changes in frequency. In contrast, mode shapes are more sensitive to local damage because they own local information and are independent of symmetric characteristics. These make mode shapes have dominant advantages in detecting nonlinear and multiple damage. ECOMAC is an index derived from mode shapes. It is a fact that these indices are not always possible to detect faults successfully in structures. Therefore, in this paper, a hybrid optimization algorithm, particle swarm optimization – gravitational search algorithm, namely PSOGSA, is used to improve the accuracy of infect detection using a hybrid objective function combined ECOMAC and frequency based on the inverse problem. Numerical studies of a two-span continuous beam, a simply supported truss, and a free-free beam, are utilized to verify the effectiveness and reliability of the proposal. From the obtained results, the proposed approach shows high potential in damage identification for different structures.


Hybrid objective function, ECOMAC, PSOGSA, Damage detection, Inverse problem

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