JFMS2024 will focus on the contributions of reliability approaches to sustainable, resilient and reliable structures to support the energy transition and climate change. Reliability approaches provide relevant solutions to this societal challenge, by:

(1) assessing the risk of failure of infrastructures and mechanical systems by integrating several sources of hazard affecting their resistance (degradation) as well as their loads (extreme or more frequent loads);

(2) using data (from monitoring, non-destructive testing, inspections, weather stations, etc.) that will ultimately modify traditional methods of construction design and management;

(3) formulating reliable and optimal solutions for structures dedicated to energy transition; asset management and infrastructure adaptation to climate change in an uncertain context.

Papers will be grouped into the thematic sessions below. All papers relating to the reliability of materials and structures and dealing with resilience aspects will be welcome. Round tables will also be organized around cross-cutting themes and major challenges for the reliability approach.

Theme 1: Reliability and safety of systems.
Theme 2: Hazard, vulnerability and resilience of industrial structures and systems.
Theme 3: Degradation of materials and structures.
Theme 4: Modeling, monitoring and life-cycle management.
Theme 5: Uncertainty propagation and reliability methods.
Theme 6: Reliability analysis, design and optimization of engineering structures.