Un outil d’élaboration de dictionnaire multimédia pour la langue tamazigh

Philippe MARTIN


Deg uḍris-agi, nebɣa ad nesken yiwen wallal swacu nezmer ad d-nexdem amawal umḍin deg tmaziɣt. Alla-agi, yezmer ad d- yesuffeɣ amawal imawi s tmaziɣt, ad d-yessekcem akk tantaliwin d tirawin yellan.
A software tool devoted to the elaboration of a Tamazigh dictionary allows the incorporation of speech data as well as their acoustic segmental and melodic characteristics in addition to the classical monolingual dictionary pattern which includes examples of linguistic usage and their translation in different languages (Arabic, French, English).
This tool integrates the characteristics of popular spreadsheets such as Excel, as well as those of an advanced phonetic analysis software. It allows also an easy evolution of its characteristics, in order to correspond to the evolving users requirements appearing during the integration of the linguistic data of the dictionary.
Keywords: dictionnary, Tamazigh, speech data, lexical, lexiphonic

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