Experimental Behavior and Analysis of Hybrid Low-High Strength Reinforced Concrete Columns

Taghreed Khaleefa MOHAMMED ALI


In this paper, the behavior of hybrid short columns made from low strength reinforced concrete core and an outer skin made from high strength concrete was studied. For this purpose, laboratory tests were carried out on ten small-scale column specimens. For bonding, the outer skin portion to the main column epoxy resin was used. Results revealed that bonding low strength concrete core with high strength outer skin was successful and able to produce a hybrid section. For the same section area, load capacity increased by 28% to 80% depending on the compressive strength of the provided outer skin, for concentrically loaded columns. In general, the behavior of eccentrically loaded hybrid specimens was good, indicating that the process of making hybrid columns according to the technique presented in this paper is successful and can be used in practice.


Column; Eccentricity; High strength concrete; Hybrid section; Low strength concrete, Uniaxial load

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