Investigation on cyclic behaviour of FRC beams incorporating copper slag as sustainable waste



Scarcity of the natural sand and large availability of industrial wastes give the way to utilise the industrial by-product in concrete production. This paper showcases the performance of concrete composite containing copper slag and polypropylene fibre under cyclic loading. Fibrillated polypropylene fibre of 0% (P0), 0.2% (P1), 0.4% (P2) & 0.6% (P3) volume fractions and 40% copper slag (C40) are used together. The experimental work was conducted on the reinforced concrete beams of size 100mm x 200mm x 900mm. The criteria considered for discussion are yield power, yield deflection, ultimate strength, ultimate deflection, ductility factors and energy dissipation. It is observed that when subjected to monotonic loading and cyclic loading respectively, the overall load carrying power of C40P2 beam is 5 per cent and 2.71 per cent higher than the reference section. The specimen C40P2 has a ductility factor 25.05 per cent higher than the control beam. Energy absorption capacity of C40P2 is 72.79% more than the normal concrete. It is therefore concluded that, under cyclic loading, the output of 40% copper slag with 0.4% of polypropylene fibres find superior than control concrete.


Cyclic test ; Copper slag ; Polypropylene fibre; Waste replacement

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