Effect of limestone fines on the mechanical properties and durability of mortar made with crushed sand



This study investigate the influence of limestone fines (LF) on the mechanical properties, hydration heat and durability (acid and sulfate environments) of mortars made with crushed sand (CS) and different rate replacement of limestone fines of the CS (0%, 5%, 10%, 15%) using three types of cement, that is, ordinary Portland cement, limestone cement and pozzolanic cement. The obtained results show that the limestone fines increase the compressive strength and generate more hydration heat for all the used cements. Mortars made with blended cements, limestone or pozzolan, with 5% and 10% limestone fines, have low expansion when imerged in 5% Na2SO4 solution. In addition, when immerged in acids environment, the mortars with limestone fines exhibit negative effect at long-term durability. However, the mortar manufactured with ordinary Portland cement containing 15% of limestone fines will be strongly affected. It was found that no benefit can be gained from eliminating limestone fines fraction from the CS.


Cement; Crushed sand; Fines; Mortar; Strength; Hydration heat; Durability

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