Two-dimensional fracture analysis of FGM under mechanical loading



This paper extends the concept to isotropic functionally graded materials and addresses fracture problems under mechanical loading. The mode-I and mixed mode stress intensity factors (SIFs) are determinate by combination between the finite element method and the displacement extrapolation technique (DET). The variation continue of the elastics properties is incorporated at the centroid of each finite element, using the Ansys Parametric Design Language (APDL). In this work, two examples are analysed to check for the robustness of the present approach, the FGM disk with a central inclined crack subjected to concentrated couple forces and the three-point bending specimen with crack parallel to material gradation. The numerical results obtained by present technique are discussed by comparison with other published results.


Displacement Extrapolation ; Functionally Graded Material ; Stress Intensity Factors ; Mechanical Loading

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