The rheological properties of modified self-compacting cementitious paste

Farih MESSAOUDI, Hafida MAROUF, Mohammed SONEBI, Abdelaziz SEMCHA


Self-compacting concrete (SCC) development marks an important step towards efficiency and conditions working in construction sites and in the precast industry. SCC easily flows into more complex shapes and through reinforcing bars, reduces the labor required for placement; no vibration is required to ensure proper concrete compaction. This concrete contains a high binder volume, which is controlled by their rheological behavior. The paste binders consists Portland cement (with or without additional cementations’ materials), water, chemical additives and fillers. In this study, two tests series were carried out on self-compacting cement pastes made with marble waste additions as addition minerals. The first series of this survey was to determine the flow dough time of using a Marsh cone, the second series was to determine the same dough rheological parameters, namely the elastic limit and the plastic viscosity at using a rheometer. The results of this survey allowed us to study of the elastic limit evolution, the viscosity and the marsh flow time cone paste as a paste composition function.


Waste Marble ;Adjuvants ;Rheological Parameter;The Flow Time

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