The effect of metal corrosion on the structural reliability of the Pre-Engineered steel frame

Ngoc-Long TRAN, Ha T, NGUYEN


Nowadays, Pre-Engineered steel buildings are widely used in the field of the industrial construction. However, design standards often only care about the safety (or reliability) at the start time but not concerned about the deterioration of reliability during used under the metal corrosive of environment. Meanwhile, reliability and durability of steel structure depend heavily on metal corrosion of environmental, this is uncertainty parameters. In this research presents the effect of the safety of Pre-Engineered steel frames considering metal corrosion. The metal corrosion modeling used to propose by M.E. Komp. Reliability of the structure is evaluated using Monte Carlo simulation method and Finite Element Method (FEM). This computer program is written by using the MATLAB programming language. The results numbers are reliability and durability behaviors under corrosion are determined for exposure about from 10 - 50 years. Effects of input parameters are also investigated.


Metal corrosion modeling; Steel frame ; Monte-Carlo simulation; Structural reliability

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