Design Fatigue Lives of Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Polymer Concrete Composites

Raman Bedi, S P Singh, Rakesh Chandra


Flexural fatigue behavior of Poly-propylene fibre reinforced polymer concrete composites (PFRPCC) has been investigated at various stress levels and the statistical analysis of the data thus obtained has been carried out. Polymer Concrete Composite (PCC) samples without addition of any type of fibres were also tested for flexural fatigue.  Forty specimens of PCC and One hundred and Forty One specimens of PFRPCC containing 0.5%, 1.0% and 2.0% polypropylene fibres were tested in fatigue using a MTS servo controlled test system. Fatigue life distributions of PCC as well as PFRPCC are observed to approximately follow a two parameter Weibull distribution with correlation coefficient exceeding 0.9. The parameters of the Weibull distribution have been obtained by various methods. Failure probability, which is an important parameter in the fatigue design of materials, has been used to obtain the design fatigue lives for the material. Comparison of design fatigue life of PCC and PFRPCC has been carried out and it is observed that addition of fibres enhances the design fatigue life of PCC.

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