Contribution to probabilistic modeling of soil geo-mechanical properties for structural reliability analysis of buried pipes and foundations

Nabil KAZI TANI, Djamel NEDJAR, Tawfik TAMINE, Mabrouk HAMANE


This present study synthesizes a numerical approach to optimize foundation systems design and underground pipes based on the combination of elastoplastic soil behavior and probabilistic modeling of its geo-mechanical characteristics. Also, this work allows quantifying the effects of soil spatial variability on the mechanical and structural reliability of civil engineering infrastructures anchored at shallow depths in the ground. The illustrated simulations are based on simultaneous combination of the elastoplastic soil behavior and its spatial variability. The obtained results show that the probabilistic analysis of the spatial variability of soil properties into structure numerical modeling has a significant effect on the structural responses of civil engineering infrastructures, mainly if the structure length is relatively significant.


Sol-structure interaction; Structural Reliability; Elasto-Plastic behavior; Stochastic modeling


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