Composite parameters analysis with boundary element method



In this paper a singular, hyper singular and multi-domain boundary element formulations is developed and applied to the mechanical analysis of two-dimensional isotropic and anisotropic media, respectively. The anisotropy increases the number of elastic constants in the linear stress strain relationship; hence the construction of fundamental solutions become difficult.Subsequently, the fundamental solution of Cruse & Swedlow to deal with anisotropic regions was also incorporated into the formulations. The unique integrations inherent to the method are regularized through the Singularity Subtraction Method allowing the use of polynomial contour elements with high order approximations. Also presented is the multi-region technique for modelling composite structures made up of different materials. The multi-region technique is adopted to couple the interfaces of non-homogeneous multiphase bodies. In the applications, the two plane states, State Plane stress (SPS) and State Plane deformation (SPD) were considered, and the responses obtained with the BEM were compared with finite element responses via the Ansys software. Finally, it is shown how the internal magnitudes, stress and displacement, can be obtained from the integral equations. The results obtained demonstrate good agreement with other reported results and show strong dependence on the material anisotropy.


Anisotropic Medias, Boundary Element Method, Composed Structures, Multi-region Technique.

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