Crashworthiness of Highway Lamp Post against Vehicle Impact



Three dimensional numerical investigations has been carried out on steel lamp post against vehicle impact using ABAQUS/Explicit finite element code. The response of steel pole was studied against vehicle impact subjected to varying speed and mass of vehicle, and varying thickness and impact location of pole. The geometry of steel pole was considered on the basis of Indian standard recommendations and choice of pole is based on conventional highway lighting applications supporting luminaire mounting heights. The constitutive and fracture behavior of steel pole has been predicted using JC model available in ABAQUS/Explicit and the material parameters of JC model for the available in literature. The response of metallic pole was studied against varying speed, mass of vehicle and impact location considering the influential factors which affects the pole significantly. In addition to that, the response of pole was studied against the varying thickness, i.e. the effective thickness of cylindrical pole may be decreased at later stage due to corrosion and environmental effects. The responses of steel pole have been studied and presented in light of reaction forces, deflection and Von-Mises stresses.


Steel Pole; Vehicle Impact; Finite Element Analysis; Failures and Damage;

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