Curvature Ductility of High Strength Concrete Beams

Haytham Bouzid, Amar Kassoul


The ductility of reinforced concrete beams is very important, because it is the property that allows structures to dissipate energy under seismic loading, consequently, the brittle fractures of reinforced concrete structures can avoided. In the modern construction of reinforced concrete structures, the high-strength concrete (HSC) is widely used because of its benefits provided, such as the mechanical and durable properties. But the increasing of the concrete strength can negatively influence the ductility of reinforced beam sections, for this reason, the study of the local ductility of high-strength concrete beams is required. This paper present a numerical parametric study about the influence of different parameters on the curvature ductility of high strength concrete beams as the concrete strength, the yield strength of steel and the ratio of tension and compression reinforcements. In the end, a formula to predict the curvature ductility of HSC beams is proposed. This formula is compared with the Eurocode 2 numerical results and other numerical and experimental results.               


Beams; Curvature Ductility; Eurocode 2; High Strength Concrete

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